This server runs breakwater pixelflut server and pixelfloot bash client for displaying the logo in the down right corner

IPv6:            2a01:4a0:2001:2042::2
Port:            1234
Resolution:      1280x720
Max Connections: 2
Uplink:          1Gbit/s
CPU:             1 core
RAM:             1GB

To view the board, you can connect by VNC to Port 5900

This screenshot gets generated every 3 seconds

Snapshot loading..

See in subfolder /log snapshots of the last 8 days, generated every 1 Minutes

If you want to get in contact with me for feedback, questions or comments, you can reach me here:

Mail: contact[at]la10cy.net
Mastodon: @DeltaLima@social.la10cy.net
Twitter: @DeltaLima

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